Linking up with the WIRTH Project

Several of our Bacharach participants are in the process of being added to a larger DNA project, called the WIRTH project after the first initials of the first five members’ surnames. The reason we’ve joined forces is that the men in the WIRTH project share two anomalies with the Bacharach participants that are statistically highly unlikely to happen by chance. The hypothesis is that these Bacharach participants share a common ancestor, perhaps in the 1400s or earlier, with the WIRTH project participants. We will be comparing the shared data to try to determine how long ago this common ancestor lived.

For more on the WIRTH project, take a look at this TV interview with Herb. It was three years ago, so the numbers are old, but it will help you understand more about how these two projects fit together.

Herb Huebscher on the WIRTH Project