First Ever Worldwide Bacharach Gathering

On July 7, 2015, Bacharach descendants gathered in Jerusalem to meet each other and reconnect branches that have been separated for 500 years or more. Descendants of several of the lines for which we have Y-DNA represented in the project and a couple of lines for which we don’t have DNA were in attendance. Everyone was eager to figure out how they were related to each other, but we had only one new set of close cousins, two descendants of Jacob Bachrach of Hattenbach, Hesse, Germany (1775) met for the first time and discovered they are 3rd cousins once removed!

We had attendees whose oldest known Bacharach ancestors lived in: Hattenbach, Hesse, Germany; Mansbach, Hesse, Germany; Fellheim, Bavarian Swabia, Germany; Ruzhany, Belarus; Slonim, Belarus; and Borisov, Belarus, as far back as the 17th or 18th centuries.

We will try again another time, another place. Stay tuned!

Click on the photos below for the slide show.